Technological solutions


If your organisation or project is looking for a specific type of technology or technical expertise then F-CUBED or its partners may have the answer. Browse our list of technical solutions and get in contact with us for more information.

Limburg Filter - Filter Press Dewatering

Limburg Filter are filtration experts and designed and optimized the pilot filter press for the F-CUBED project. Limburg Filter can make filter presses to separate solids from liquids in all types of slurries. The design can be tailored, including the filter plates and filter cloths, for the given application.

Contact person:
Frank Kruip

Limburg Filter
Torwash BV

TORWASH BV is a company that spun-off from TNO and is currently busy with scaling up the TORWASH technology for applications at wastewater treatment plants.

Contact person:
Pavlina Nanou (TORWASH BV)

TNO - TORWASH Hydrothermal Treatment

TORWASH is a patented hydrothermal treatment process for wet residue streams. TORWASH produces a dewaterable effluent stream from which both the solid and liquid fractions can be used as an energy source or for other purposes. TNO is a research institute where TORWASH was developed and is currently exploring and optimizing different applications of the technology.

Contact person:
Heather Wray (TNO)