Multi-stakeholder Platform

Development of research and business relationships

F-CUBED is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme under the topic Development of solutions based on Renewable Sources that provide flexibility to the energy system. The goal of the project is to convert waste residues into bioenergy carriers to be used as an alternative fuel source for power generation and within energy intensive industries. A secondary focus is the extraction of value-added products such as nutrients, oils and biogas which can be utilised across a range of industries.

The F-CUBED agenda aligns itself with the EU Green Deal´s Circular Economy Action Plan and the Fit for 55 Package via its conversion of sustainable waste streams into alternative energy sources. Moreover, F-CUBED is committed to complying with the latest sustainability and GHG emissions criteria at global (e.g. Paris Agreement) and European (RED II, Directive (EU) 2018/2001) levels, as well as with the principles of the Industry 5.0  approach of transitioning to sustainable, human-centric and resilient  industry.

This Multi-Stakeholder platform is designed to be a focal point for networking, collaboration and project and business development. The ultimate goal is that the resources and technologies showcased on this platform facilitate the development of research and business relationships to advance towards a circular economy and the green energy transition.



Working together towards a circular economy.


Multi-stakeholder Platform

The ideal place to gain knowledge and build relationships within the bioenergy sector